Wedding Flower Baskets

Wedding Flower Baskets

One of the cutest parts of any wedding is when the flower girl comes down the aisle with her basket full of wedding flowers and petals, tossing them as she walks to prepare a beautiful walkway for the bride. Baskets come in many materials and styles, leaving you the option to choose the best basket for your big day. Pick a style that complements your existing wedding decor, or matches your flower girls dress perfectly.

White Wicker

One of the most popular styles of wedding flower baskets is the wicker basket. Made of lightweight rattan, wicker baskets generally come in either natural or white. Purchase baskets embellished with ribbon, flowers, or greenery. Use ribbon that matches the same colour as your bridesmaids dresses to pull the look together, or opt for classic white. Get creative with your wicker basket and add sparkling crystals, pearls, or feathers for a look that stands out.

Satin Styles

Sleek satin baskets are wedding-ready with a satin exterior and lined satin interior. Available in different shapes, such as oval or square, satin baskets look elegant and often come with details like bows, hanging ribbons, or lace around the baskets exterior. Baskets range from simple to more detailed, and come in large or small sizes. Another option is a basket that has satin covered in lace, or a basket with a satin interior and a sequined exterior for a glam look.

Burlap Baskets

Perfect for a shabby chic ceremony, burlap baskets have a natural, rustic charm. The natural cream colour looks lovely with the addition of contrasting white ribbons, lace, or wooden cutouts. This creates a vintage look that works well for an antique-inspired ceremony. Personalise the baskets by adding cutouts with the wedding date or your initials, and choose burlap baskets with twine accents that match your wedding or reception decor.

Set it Up

Get all of your wedding supplies at once when you opt for a flower basket set. This set not only comes with the flower basket itself, but also includes wedding ring pillows that match the basket perfectly. Some sets come with even more supplies, including a garter, guest book, and pen set that all match for a polished look that makes it easy for you to put together.