Wedding photo albums to record your special day

You've probably thought about photography for your wedding day, but what about storing those pictures afterwards? Having a treasured album could fall by the wayside in the hubbub of wedding planning. But if you've spent time and money getting those beautiful photos, you'll want to display each memory in a meaningful way. Finding a photo album you'll love will help you do just that.

Slip-in albums

The first thing to consider is what kind of photos you'll have to hand. Digital prints will be better displayed differently to a polaroid for instance. Slip-in albums are perfect for digital prints. It's worth checking out the space for each picture, to make sure they slot in and stay in place. You can find gorgeous book bound, ring bound, or post bound albums depending on your preference.

Dry-mount photo books

If you'd really like to make your album your own, a dry-mount photo book is just the thing. You can arrange your pictures to suit you, even using mismatched sizes and formats if you like. By using glue or mounting squares, you'll have the freedom to position your pictures across the pages to your own design. Plus, you can find some beautiful wedding albums with romantic designs on the cover.

Self-adhesive wedding album

Self-adhesive albums take a bit of DIY out of the photo mounting process, but still give you the flexibility to arrange your pictures in any style you like. You can simply stick them onto the pages, and flip over the clear plastic cover to protect them and hold them in place. You can find lovely albums with metal photo inserts on the cover, paper albums, and leather books.

Portfolio photo books

To give every memory from your big day special focus, get a portfolio. These allow you to keep your photos big and bold, so every image you love will be there at a glance. Classy black or white albums are one favourite option, as well as personalised, handmade paper portfolios.