Wedding Sealing Wax Stamps

Wedding Sealing Wax Stamps

Made to seal wedding invitations and other wedding stationery, wedding sealing wax stamps offer an elegant, old-fashioned way to close these important cards. They also add a custom look to invitations and create a memorable memento of your special day. There are endless stamp designs to choose from, and theyre easy and fun to use. Instead of boring adhesive wedding envelope seals, make an impression with wax stamps.

Stamp It Out

Choosing wedding stamps is the most fun part of buying sealing wax stamps. The stamps, made of wood and brass, leave a distinct impression in the melted wax, creating a signature seal on each envelope. Customise your own stamp design with your wedding date or initials, or purchase stamps featuring hearts, wedding rings, the word "love," or beautiful embellishments. Purchase a variety of stamps and mix and match them on your invitations, as they are easy to change out.

Wax On, Wax Off

Wedding sealing wax comes in the form of small sticks. To make the wax impression, you melt the sticks before you stamp the image onto the wax. Then, the wax cools, leaving your impression behind. Once you choose your stamps, select wax from a variety of colours, including red, black, purple, yellow, pink, and orange. Match your wedding wax colour to your bridal colours for a coordinating look, or simply choose colours you like.

Candle in the Wind

To melt the wax, youll need lighting candles. If you purchase a wax seal set that has everything you need in it, youll likely receive lighting candles, too. These round candles arent like regular candles; you melt the wax inside the spoon over the candle until its ready to press. The whole process of melting the wax to create the impressions is a fun ritual that brings to mind days gone by when this was a common way to seal all correspondence. You may need more than one candle depending on how many cards youre sealing.

Silver Spoons

In order to melt your wax, you require a melting spoon. Melting spoons have a distinct shape meant to hold wax as it melts, and of course, they are fireproof so you can melt as much wax as you need without damaging the spoon.