Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding Table Decorations

Once the wedding is over, it's time to move to the reception area. When it comes to decorating, the place where your guests will eat and dance the night away is just as important as the ceremony space. It's your special day, so whether you choose fabric wedding table decorations, wood wedding table decorations, or paper, the table decorations should match the theme of the wedding.

Centre pieces

The first place to start is the centre piece. A large candle, birdhouse, or flower arrangement can be common choices. Once that is established, it's easy to add accents that pull everything together. Tablecloths should highlight the colour scheme, while other decorations should accentuate the primary colour.

Table Numbers and Place Cards

When it comes to where to sit in the reception hall, guests can feel confused. Simplify the process by adding table numbers and place cards. One way to add names to a table is with a small chalk or message board; simply write the guest's name and set it in front of the plate. The table numbers should go in the middle so anyone can easily see them.

Add Style to the Chairs

A part of the table that one often overlooks is the chair. Wedding chair covers not only brighten up the room but they also take a modest folding chair and make it into an elegant seating choice. You can choose to cover up the entire seat or simply add a beautiful bow to the back. Either way, you can't go wrong.

Bring the Whole Room Together

Once the table is set and the chairs are covered, it's time to bring the room together. Wedding venue decorations entail everything from the floor to the ceiling, cake table to the gift table, and everything in between. Make it a day you will never forget.