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Wedding Table Runners

Decorate your big day with wedding table runners

Your big day is coming up, and you want everything to be perfect. From the flowers to the champagne flutes, your wedding day is all about expressing your love and personality. Wedding table runners can add a classic and glamorous feel to any venue, making your guests jaws drop as they walk in the room.

Like many wedding supplies, you might be wondering about size, material, or style. Heres everything you need to know about purchasing the perfect wedding table runners.

How long are wedding table runners?

The first question you might ask is a common one: how long are table runners? However, this isnt necessarily the question you should be asking. Instead, you should think about the length you need the runners to be in order to make your tables look ravishing. To decide on your ideal length, measure your tables length or diameter. After you have your measurement, youll need to decide how much fabric you want hanging over the edge of the table. While a few centimetres of fabric on each side is common, you can choose any length that suits you. Finally, simply add your table dimensions to your chosen drape length to discover the total length of your perfect wedding table runners.

How wide are wedding table runners?

Just like wedding aisle runners, the width of wedding table runners can vary greatly. From as thin as ten centimetres to as wide as thirty, choosing your wedding table runner width is all about your tables and your personal style. You may consider wider wedding table runners for large circular tables and thinner table runners for rectangular tables. By varying the width, youll only cover a portion of your tablecloth, leaving a clean and minimalist look thats sure to impress.

Make your big day even more beautiful with stunning wedding table runners from eBay!