Wedding Tulle

Tulle is a type of translucent fabric also known as “tutu fabric” because it’s the same type of fabric used to make a ballerina’s tutu. Not just for clothing, tulle comes in many different width and colour shades and is also used for decorating, especially for a wedding. There are several different types of wedding tulle and different ways you can use it, all meant to make your wedding day even more spectacular.

Tulle Decor Uses

As tulle is very safe and soft, it’s usually on the approved list of wedding venue decorations, which can sometimes be a very short list. You can hang tulle from rafters or from windows to help provide decoration. Tulle is also used as part of centrepieces for tables during the reception or cocktail party. You can also get really creative and wrap tulle around chairs or other furniture.

Clothing Ideas with Tulle

Tulle is also a popular fabric for the bridal dress or bridesmaids’ dresses. If you have your own seamstress, they can make the tulle part of the veil or part of the wedding train. Tulle can also be used as a wrap for the bride. Similar to the bridal gown, use tulle on the bottom of bridesmaids’ dresses as an accent or even as crinoline for either gown.

Tulle Colour Options

Tulle is available in nearly every colour of the rainbow when it comes to wedding supplies. White is, of course, the most common colour but you’ll find tulle in everything from red and black to chartreuse and fuschia. Other popular colours include salmon or pink, teal, kelly green and orange. If another coordinator colour in your wedding decorations is something other than white, it may be good to find tulle in that same colour or in a complementary colour.

Tulle Length and Size

Tulle is usually sold on a roll, like many other types of fabric. The length of the tulle depends completely upon how much you’ll need for the wedding. You may even need an entire roll for decoration. The most common width of tulle is 6 inches thick; however, you can purchase it in shorter widths for smaller projects.