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Weed Control Fabric

Weed Control Fabric

Spread out a length of branded or unbranded weed control fabric in your garden or patio to discourage the growth of pesky weeds. As one of many different types of landscape fabrics, these dark weed controllers work by depriving plants of the sunlight needed for photosynthesis and growth, and look neat when used as a garden border or to create paths around raised gardens.

Woven vs. Non-Woven Weed Control Fabrics

Since they are woven from heavy-duty polypropylene or linen fabrics, woven weed control fabrics are strong, last a long time and do not puncture easily. They also allow the exchange of water and nutrients through their tiny holes. Unfortunately, they are exy when compared to the non-woven options. Conversely, the non-woven fabrics are lightweight and do not last as long, but are easy on your pocket. Additionally, there are eco-friendly options that biodegrade over time, such as the maize and paper weed control fabrics.

Weed Control Fabric Thickness

Determine the most optimal thickness for your weed control fabric based on what you are doing in the garden and how durable you wish it to be. For instance, if youre herb gardening, then you dont need the fabric to be as thick as one youd put under rocks, though if it is too thin, then weeds may come up through the fabric, undoing all your good work. Even though a thick fabric is certain to last a long time, it is just as certain to be quite expensive when compared to the thin fabrics, so only buy thick weed control fabric when you really need it.

Other Features to Consider With Weed Control Fabrics

Look for weed control fabrics that have been stabilised for UV radiation to keep weeds in the dark. Not only do they develop a superior resistance to sunlight that gives them a better chance of holding up under it, but they also last longer as they dont come apart easily. Weed control fabric that resists corrosion and tears holds up well over time, even when you walk on it, while the striped fabrics make it easy for you to align plants.