Weight Bench

Whether it's time to replace your existing weight bench, you're fitting out a new home gym, or you're just sick of using the coffee table all the time, you can find a great range of weight benches right here on eBay. If you are fitting out a home gym, don't forget to check out eBay's great range of dumbbells and weight plates. Take your lifting from adequate to awesome, and get building the body you truly desire. You already look good naked, but who wants to stop there? It's time to look impressive and powerful. What to look for when buying a weight bench

There are a number of things to consider when buying a weight bench. The first is a bench that is easily and quickly adjustable into multiple positions. You'll want an upright, seated position, multiple incline angles, a flat position, and a decline position. The more positions, the more variation you'll be able to include in your work out. If the model you're considering has a leg extension / leg curl attachment, it must be removable, and easy to do so. You'll get frustrated pretty quick if you're constantly bumping up against the attachment. If you have a great home gym with space to bolt a bench to the floor, then that'll give you a super stable, strong bench. However, if you're low on space or don't have the capacity to bolt a bench down, then you'll definitely want a high quality bench that's still stable. Consider how much weight you're going to be lifting, plus your body weight. You want that bad boy to easily support it. Consider whether you want a bench press stand that comes attached to the weight bench, or whether you'll use your weight bench with a power rack. An attached stand will limit your movement and exercise use, but it is a cheaper option and great for limited space. Whatever gym bench suits your lifestyle, you're sure to find it here on eBay. You'll be seeing major gains in no time.