Weight Plates

Strength Training Weight Plates

Strength training requires you to have a weight set on hand that you can lift. While some opt for dumbbells, a set with changing plates is helpful for adjusting as you develop. You can combine weight plates of different sizes to get just the weight you need to train different muscle groups. In addition to putting them onto a barbell for lifting, you could also use the individual weight plates for core or triceps exercises that have lots of repetitions.

What are the Sizes of Weight Plates?

The weight plate discs are quite different and the size does not refer only to their weight. The holes inside the plates are also of different sizes and thus fit different bars.

  • Olympic weight plates: The Olympic plates are the standard in the fitness industry as they fit most commercial bars. You are most likely to find such discs in your local gym.
  • Standard weight plates: Although these plates do not fit the industry's most common bars, they are a standard for home gyms. They have a smaller centre hole than the Olympic discs.
  • Studio weight plates: These are a common sight in group exercise classes. They are for muscular endurance classes where you need to perform lots of repetitions and are thus lighter and include handles.

What are Bumper Plates?

Bumper plates are weight discs covered with solid rubber. When lifting, you can safely drop them without damaging the floor or equipment.

  • Technique bumper weight plates: Good for beginners, the technique bumper plates are very basic. They consist of a single piece of rubber and do not have a metal ring around the hole.
  • Training bumper weight plates: The diameter of all training plates is typically similar, but they vary in depth and weight.
  • Competition bumper weight plates: The competition plates differ from the rest because of their calibration. There is only a slight margin of error allowed when it comes to their weight.

Which Strength Training Weight Plates Materials Should I Consider?

The strength training plates can be from many different materials. The heavier plates, used mainly for elite lifting, are typically from metal.

  • Rubber weight plates: These are cast iron weight plates with rubber coating. This layer extends their longevity, protection, and safety.
  • Urethane coated plates: These are similar to rubber plates, but even more durable. Moreover, the urethane plates do not mark the floor or walls.