eBay Welding Carts Aid Productivity for Both Professionals and Hobbyists

Every welder needs a selection of equipment, tools, protective gear, and gas. Keeping all your things in good order helps prevent fatigue and helps you enjoy your work or hobby even more. Also, the welder itself and the fuel tanks can be heavy, and a welder cart helps you move your valuable equipment from place to place.

What are the leading brands of welding carts for sale on eBay?

On eBay, you can find some of the leading names in welding, such as Migatronic, Coplay-Norstar, Lincoln, Miller, and The Metal Man. Search for good values on both new and used welding carts.

Choosing a sturdy welding cart

The No. 1 factor that contributes to the sturdiness of a welding cart is the thickness of the metal used to construct it. This includes the strength of the frame and the thickness of the shelves. Also, you do not want a tall cart that could be top heavy and difficult to move around. Waist to chest height keeps the cart low enough for you to maneuver and easily access your equipment. You also want to be able to securely attach the welder and the gas tank to the cart.

What size tires should a welding cart have?

Considering the weight of the cart and the equipment that it will be hauling, rubber tires that are 4, 5, or 6 inches in diameter provide sufficient support and enough clearance to maneuver over any debris in your work area. See the manufacturer site for details.

Shop for a cart with lots of storage options

A MIG welding cart not only holds your welder and gas tank, but it is also a safe place to store both your supplies and your gear, keep them organized and clean, and keep them within easy reach as you use your welder. As you shop for welding carts for sale on eBay, you want to make sure that the storage area of the cart is adequate for your needs. In addition to the welder and tank, you may want a cart that provides adequate space for an additional machine that you might want to add in the future. Make sure the cart has plenty of shelf and drawer space for your welding consumables and tools.

Consider all the supplies that you want to keep handy as you are shopping for a MIG welding cart with drawers:

  • Clamps
  • Grinders
  • Wire brushes
  • MIG welder nozzles and tips
  • Helmet and gloves

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