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Welding Materials

Buy welding electrodes, rods and wires

Whether you fancy yourself a do-it-yourself handyman or if you professionally work with metals, you would be aware that a welder is an essential tool to own. Used to transform some of the world’s strongest materials into the desired shapes, welding requires skill and practice to safely and carefully produce the correct results.

What do you use a welder for?

Welding involves using electricity to create enough heat to melt metal, which is used to join to another metal. The result is a binding that creates the required product. Despite being first developed in the late 19th century, it remains an important commercial process even to this day.

From welding thin pieces of steel to thicker aluminium pieces, nickel alloys, copper, bronze, brass and even gold, a welder can be used to fuse bike frames, lawn mowers, door handles and much more. When you need to conduct current through a workpiece in order to fuse two separate pieces together, you need to invest in a welding electrode or rod.

How does an electrode work?

In arc welding, the heat that fuses the metals together is caused by an electric arc. This arc is formed between an electrode rod or wire that is moved along the joint. Available in a range of sizes to suit your welder, you’ll find a range of TIG and MIG electrodes that can produce arches easily and steadily for your application.

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