Great deals on Weleda skin and hair care products

Starting out as a pharmaceutical laboratory with its own medicinal plant garden, Weleda has developed into one of the world's leading producers of holistic skin and hair care products that care for your skin and hair the way nature intended. 

Weleda products are free from paraben, silicones, synthetic fragrances, genetically modified ingredients and microplastics. In fact, all products contain 80% botanicals and nothing is tested on animals. Instead, you'll find ingredients like almond, calendula, birch, citrus, citrus, evening primrose, iris, lavender and oat, all of which have unique properties. 

Weleda's natural skin care range helps to regenerate the skin with gentle cleansers that don't upset the pH balance, and moisturisers that preserve moisture using fresh, clean ingredients. All of their skin care products are dermatologically tested and contain only natural fragrances, so you can be assured they won't cause irritation. 

Taking its inspiration from nature, Weleda's hair care range uses millet as the key ingredient to enhance the protective and structuring properties of your hair. If your hair is dry, try an oat-based shampoo. Oats are known for their restorative properties, and an oat based shampoo like the Weleda's oat replenishing shampoo works wonders for dry hair. 

Want to see what else is on offer from Weleda? Weleda also has a range of Weleda anti aging products, or if you're looking specifically for body lotions and moisturisers, check out our range of Weleda body lotions and moisturisers for sale. 

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