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Wertheim Vacuum Cleaners

Wertheim Vacuum Cleaners

While the range of vacuum cleaners from Wertheim may be small, they certainly are powerful. The brand has been pioneers in cleaning, producing excellent filtration systems and deep cleaning powerheads for vacuums over the last few decades. They specialise in deep cleaning machines that last the distance, so you can pick up one of their new series or even look at an older second hand model. Plenty of replacement parts are available. Wertheim also offer a series of carpet shampoo machines that will keep your home or office clean and smelling fresh.

Wertheim 7 Series

The new 7 series is a bagged vacuum cleaner that deeply cleans your carpet and removes dust, dirt and debris. It has Whirlwind Power Pulse technology and a reliable and efficient motor that uses less energy. You can even change the suction power depending on your cleaning needs. The dust bag has a 4-stage filtration system that removes asthma and allergy causing dust, and also neutralises odours.

W200 Dog and Cat Vacuum

If you have a dog or a cat, you will know just how much hair they can leave around. By getting a Wertheim W200 Dog and Cat vacuum, you will be able to remove hair from your carpet and floors with much more ease. This model has a turbo floor tool, which is a rotating brush that deep cleans and removes pet hair at the same time. You can manoeuvre it around table legs and under furniture, so you will make sure that you get all of that unwanted hair.

W3000 Bagless Vacuum

You may have seen bagless vacuums on the market and wondered if they are less efficient than other vacuums. The answer is no. The Wertheim W3000 bagless vacuum comes with a deep cleaning powerhead, a standard floorhead and a turbo hand tool with multiple other accessories.

W4000 PowerClean Vacuum

The W4000 is the granddaddy of the lot, being the most powerful in effectively cleaning your home. It has a strong 2100w motor with various attachments and is ideal for anyone who has pets or allergies. The W4000 works fantastically on carpets as it lifts carpet fibres and shake dust and dirt loose then suck it up. It also works well at getting dust mites out.