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Westinghouse Ovens

Every house should have an oven, so if you’re looking for your first one or are shopping around for a replacement, Westinghouse ovens can cater to the needs of neophyte bakers and experts alike. Choose between electric or gas-powered ovens and look around to find the right capacity to suit your baking needs.

Electric Ovens

Westing house electric ovens are very approachable. They often have the same volume as their gas-powered counterparts and can evenly heat every surface of the dish you are baking. Oftentimes these ovens come with a stovetop consisting of four plates on which you can place your pot or pan. Electric ovens come with electrically heated stovetops. Much like an oven toaster, these Westinghouse ovens use heating rods along the inside of the oven to radiate heat that evenly cooks your cakes to perfect fluffy consistencies.

Gas Ovens

If you are partial to gas cooking, the plentiful line of Westinghouse gas ovens is sure to satisfy. Gas ovens use flames to heat up the air surrounding your dish and cook it to a nice golden brown, complete with a crisp surface. These ovens come with four gas burners. The control knobs allow for precise gas delivery so you have complete control over your cooking temperature.

Baking and Roasting Excellence

Baking and roasting inside a proper oven is simply far superior than the alternatives. Sure, you can use oven toasters for small batches, but oftentimes electric toaster ovens do not evenly heat up the inside surfaces, resulting in partly raw baked goods.

Choosing a Westinghouse Oven

The kind of fuel you use depends largely on whether you are fine with buying a separate propane tank each time you run out. One convenience electric gives you is that you need only to pay your electric bill to keep the oven running whereas a gas oven requires you to run and buy a tank every time. On the flip side, power outages will bum you out if you opt for electric.

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