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Westinghouse Rangehoods

Rangehoods are an important part of keeping a kitchen comfortable, especially when you're cooking. Depending on the type of oven or stove you own, if there's no way to trap or vent the air and steam that's released while cooking, it stays in the air, sticking to your walls, appliances and even your clothing. A rangehood contains an exhaust fan that gets rid of greasy cooking air and traps it where it can't build up.

Slide-Out Types

A slide-out type of rangehood is retractable, so you can neatly tuck it back in when not in use. With easily replaceable filters, this type of rangehood both circulates and traps air, depending on what your needs are. Filters are also washable so you don't need to replace them that often. Because it slides out and is retractable, these types of hoods are a top choice because they're an optimal decision for those who are short on space.

Wall Canopy Hoods

A wall chimney or canopy type of rangehood hangs down from the ceiling, and is typically installed right above your Westinghouse range or stove. These types of rangehoods work exceedingly well when it comes to filtering the air. These chimney and canopy hoods do require professional installation, as ductwork needs to be laid to send the unwanted air outside. This is in contrast to the slide-out hoods, which are more easily installed as a DIY project.

Under-Cabinet Types

For those who have little to no extra space in the kitchen, the under-cabinet range hood types are a perfect choice. Similarly to the retractable option, these also have washable filters. These are meant to fit exactly with other Westinghouse appliances, such as stoves and ranges, and fit neatly right under a hanging kitchen cabinet. These are ductless types that are easily installed by the homeowner.

Other Features

When selecting a rangehood, there are a few things to keep in mind: whether it needs professional installation, how easy the filters are to clean and the variety of fan speeds. Sometimes, you don't need a violently strong fan during cooking, so choosing one with two to three variable speeds works best. Also, replacing filters can get costly, so choosing an option with washable filters is a more economical choice.

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