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A wetsuit is used for many different activities in the water, but it’s mainly used for diving, waterskiing and other types of water sports. Buying the right type of wetsuit can really make a difference in your comfort level, in addition to keeping you cool or warm in the water while you wear the suit. There are different types of suits, designed for different events, with myriad options you can choose from when buying.

Different Types of Wetsuits

If you plan to participate in watersports beyond summer, you may want to consider having several different types of wetsuits. The most common suit you’ll see in the summer and during warmer weather is the short-sleeved type with shorts instead of trouseres. This is perfect for diving, skiing, wakeboarding and other sports. If you plan to dive into the colder months, you may want to consider a full suit. This type of suit offers you full coverage. A hooded suit fits tightly around your scuba and snorkeling mask, while offering the best coverage of all. You’ll also find semi-dry wetsuits and triathlon wetsuits (which are specifically designed for use in and out of the water).

Men’s, Women’s and Youth Options

When it comes to suits, there are different types made for men, women and youth. For youth and children, you may often find unisex suits. These are perfectly fine for beginning divers and children. When it comes to the differences between men and women, however, it’s important to find a suit that fits perfectly and is your correct size. This is extremely important when purchasing a semi-dry suit, which offers water resistance and protection.

Neoprene Types

Different types of neoprene are used when it comes to all scuba diving and snorkeling equipment, but especially with wetsuits. Thickness does matter. The thinnest neoprene is typically 2mm to 3mm, which is perfect for your summer suit. If you plan to dive or partake in water sports in the winter, you’ll want a 4mm or 5mm thickness. This thicker coating provides ample protection against cold water.

Popular Brands

There are many popular wetsuit brands, with options of different thickness for men, women and children. Some common wetsuit brands include Scubapro, Mares, Cressi, Oceanic and Aqua Lung, amongst others. Wetsuit companies often manufacture other equipment as well, such as goggles and fins.