White Beds and Bed Frames

White Beds and Bed Frames

Beds are the most important furniture piece to any bedroom. Being the largest piece in the room, they set the tone for your decor. Depending upon the look and feel you want your bedroom to have, your bed and frame will follow your style designs. For many people, bedrooms are a place to escape and relax and they choose to have their bedrooms in a variety of light coloured shades. White is a popular choice for many as it is very clean and simple, but can also span a variety of design styles. A white bed makes a statement in any style of bedroom. For young children to sophisticated adults, white beds can round out any bedroom set and truly make your bedroom a place of comfortable rest.

Frame Styles

The styles for a white bed frame can span a variety of design aesthetics, from modern and contemporary to glamorous to traditional and rustic. Whatever your design taste may be, you can certainly find a white bed frame that would fit your style. There are several wood white bed frames to choose from including traditional white frames with clean lines and moulding, along with more rustic and shabby chic versions with distressed features. Additionally, there are white upholstered bed frame options if you want a softer look to your bed. The tufted look is very popular. Often times with an upholstered bed frame you can find little details or embellishments that add to the over style including nailheads running along the edge of the frame or crystals in each of the tufts. Furthermore, there are a variety of fabrics that can be used in white upholstered bed frames including leather, suede, velvet, twill, faux fur, and shimmering fabrics. Another great feature that many white bed frames have is the ability to easily lift the mattress up when changing the sheets. An easy mechanism built into the frame allows you to simply lift the spring frame up to get under the bed.

Bed Frame Sizing

White bed frames come in all sizes to fit any type of bed that is needed. You can find white queen beds or bed frames, or kings. Because people of all ages and walks of life are interested in white bed frames, it is easy to find a size that works for your bedroom. For children and younger adults, the smaller white bed frames will work well with a bedroom set, as they need less room, while for adults, the larger sizes such as the queen and king frames would work better.