White Bookshelves

An elegant and useful touch to nearly any room in the home, a white bookcase or shelving unit is a wonderful way to display favourite books, or as storage for items you need close at hand, such as children’s toys, clocks, art objects, media or other necessities. There are several different types of bookshelves, each with some unique attributes they bring to a room. From cube shelving to floaters, you’re bound to find something that strikes your fancy.

Cube Storage Shelving

One of the most versatile ways to store and display books or other objects is by using cube storage bookshelves. These dual-purpose shelving units work wonderfully for simply aligning books for reading, or you can place bins in each cubby or cube, to store everything from game controllers to children’s toys. Perfect for a child’s bedroom, white cube shelving easily matches any current colour ensemble you may have, and is an easy way to make the best use of your floor space for storage.

Shelving Units

Shelving unit bokshelves can be used for a manner of storage ideas as well. These units often feature a partial metal construction, making them a great choice as a baker’s rack in a pantry, as a high shelf in a mudroom or enclosed porch, or for the storage of books and other objects. Easy to put together as a DIY project, use several shelving units in your living or family room, or for other storage solutions, such as in your garage or home office.

Dedicated Bookcases

A simple, dedicated white bookcase remains a time-honoured tradition in many homes. Perfectly made and sized to hold books, you can put your favourite novels and nonfiction books proudly on display in your home office or bedroom. For a nice touch, add bookends to some of the shelves, alternating your favourite books along with objects d’art.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great storage or display solution, especially when you’re short on floor space. Easy to mount to the wall yourself, you can design any room exactly how you’d like it to look. For example, you can mount a white floating bookshelf on one wall, and another facing it perpendicularly. Or, you can mount a row of white shelves together to showcase picture frames, books and other keepsakes. Alternate colours between white and other choices like black or espresso for an eclectic look.