White Christmas Trees

Everything you need to know about white Christmas trees

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas this year? Bring the snow into your home with a white Christmas tree.

What is a white Christmas tree?

A white Christmas tree is an artificial fir tree that is white from its trunk to its branches. They are popular for their understated elegance and their snowy appearance. In Australia, white Christmas trees are one of the ways to imitate elements of the white Christmases experienced by northern countries.

Why choose a white Christmas tree?

Interior decorators describe white Christmas trees as ultramodern and chic. Compared to their traditional green fir counterparts, they exude class and style. As a result, white Christmas trees blend in seamlessly with modern interior decor.

White Christmas trees also benefit from all the advantages of regular artificial trees. Compared to a traditional live fir, a white Christmas tree is lighter, easier to set up and pack down, and more hassle-free in the short and long terms. So if you’re short on time and patience, a white Christmas tree could be the perfect choice for you.

How to decorate a white Christmas tree

Are you excited to start decorating your white Christmas tree? Almost every colour pairs well with white, so it is very hard to go wrong!

  • Blue on white: For an icy white Christmas tree that looks like it was decorated by Jack Frost himself, opt for blue decorations.
  • Black on white: Choose a minimalist black-on-white palette for an effortlessly bold look.
  • Gold on white: Adding gold glitter and metallics to your white Christmas tree to turn up the elegance and wow factor.
  • Red on white: For a candy cane-inspired look, load up your white Christmas tree with enough red ornaments to make Santa Claus jealous.

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