Men's White Suits

Shopping for men’s white suits is not as daunting as you might think. While most prefer to stick with combinations like black and white, you can mix it up with different shades, making the white suit a pretty versatile set to have in your wardrobe. Contrary to popular belief, black isn’t the only all-around choice when picking suit colours, even though there is no mistaking their stylish appeal. However, a white suit used with the proper colour contrast and accenting can equally match the well-loved black suit.

How to Choose

Not all men’s suits are created equally. They might all look the same, but many have subtle nuances which add up to a unique style of its own. A common but well-loved style is the men's tuxedo suit, while men's double breasted suits are always a stylish alternative. The button layout, stitching patterns, folds, and pocket designs all combine to create a unique appearance. Above all else, make sure that your suit is tailored to your body. The shoulders of the suit will always tell you whether it is too big or small by judging the amount of material sticking out over your shoulders.

No white on white

It’s important to break up the colours, especially in men’s white suits. Choose a dark shirt colour that contrasts the rest of the suit nicely, and pick ties and pocket squares that match. It is usually a good idea to pair a white suit with black or dark slacks if not for the sole reason that white slacks will stain at the slightest speck of dirt on your chair.

Shoes to match

One other thing that makes a white suit great is that it matches many styles and types of shoes. Don’t pick white shoes because it will create an awkward blend with the rest of the outfit. Slip on a pair of all-black oxfords, loafers, or brown leather monkstrap shoes.


With the dizzying variety of suit designs available, button layouts can be different from suit to suit. One important thing to note is to leave the bottom button undone so your suit allows you to sit easily but keep the top buttons fastened.