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White Wall Lighting Fixtures

Picking your lighting can be daunting, or it can be a fun experience; the choice is yours. When you do a little bit of research before you start on a project, you're able to understand what you need to finish in a timely manner. No matter what colour lighting fixtures you need to match your decor, you will soon notice that the perfect match is out there. If you want an all-around hue that will go with anything, consider purchasing white or black wall lighting fixtures.

Types of Lighting

When it comes to interior wall lighting fixtures, there are three basic types: task, accent and ambient. You put task lighting in areas where activities take place and you need the space to stay clear, while accent lighting is primarily a decorative form of adding light to a room. Ambient provides a low level of soft light that works well in situations where you don't need lighting to perform the task, such as watching television.

Motion Sensor

More commonplace with outdoor lighting, motion sensors are a great way to add lighting only when someone walks in front of the light. Add a wall light, wireless motion sensor to entryways or a closet instead of having to run electrical wires to add light to any room. What’s more, these types of lighting are good for driveways or outdoor building.

Outdoor Lighting

It isn’t uncommon to find wall sconce lighting outdoors, usually beside the front and back door to your house or building. There are several designs on the market so you can choose one that compliments the exterior of your home. Pick a light that shines up or one that hangs down. Another option is to get a lamp that illuminates from both the top and the bottom.

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