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White Window Curtains

Without a curtain, a window is simply a big hole inside your wall. The window curtains are a crucial part of your https://www.ebay.com.au/b/Home-Decor/10034/bn_7203210 as they complete and enhance the overall look of your interior design. Depending on your needs, the curtains could either offer a hint of privacy or hide your room from incoming glances entirely if you pick room darkening curtains. This stands true even for white curtains because the wide selection of materials allows for variety. White is a good colour option for window curtains because it brings with itself a touch of simple elegance and purity. Before acquiring some white window curtains for your home, make sure you know about the different lengths and functions.

White Window Curtain Length

Classic curtains just hit the floor or the window sill. This length is preferable if you need to open and close the curtains frequently as they easily fall back into their place afterwards. Shorter panels may cover only the lower part of the window sill and are practical options for the bathroom and the kitchen. Panels that drop slightly onto the floor create a luxurious effect and feel relaxed. These long curtains are perfect for achieving a formal look, but they also need more maintenance than those types that do not sweep the floor. However, they are quite forgiving when it comes to uneven floors.

White Window Curtain Function

Your white window curtains could simply create a sheer layer of cover between your home and the outside world or darken the room completely, if necessary. You could also combine sheer white curtains with thicker blockout curtains that you draw when you want to ultimate privacy. The thicker curtains usually have a lining that also acts as a protective layer, keeping away the noise and protecting the fabric from fading due to sunlight. Some curtains could even include an interlining between the lining and the fabric. The more layers, the heavier the curtain and the more luxuriously it falls. Do note that this mean that you need sturdy curtain rods as well.