Whiteboard Markers

Whiteboard Markers

Every classroom and office can benefit from having a whiteboard for teachers, students, and employees to use. After all, 'dry erase' or whiteboard markers offer advantages over using the classic chalkboard, and it’s easy to see why professionals and teachers alike are turning toward this more versatile option. Nevertheless, for children, the fun factor of using chalk, despite the potential mess, should not be discounted either.


Buyers tend to look toward brands like BIC, Sharpie, Pilot, and Expo for their whiteboard marker needs. Many out there claim to have the competitive edge. Some markers are made with recycled content, which makes them more environmentally friendly and attractive to those who try to be earth-conscious in their purchases. Some whiteboard markers bring a historical reputation, a variety of colours, and sizes with refillable cartridges.


Whether you’re looking to stock up on a plethora of colours to have handy at the office alongside matching business stationery or you want to make the whiteboard come to life for your students with striking colours, you have many options to choose from. Just browse the wide selection of whiteboard markers to replicate the rainbow with your own hands. This can help make teaching and learning more fun and exciting.

Whiteboards and Accessories

Along with the whiteboard markers, you also need the perfect whiteboard to make any use of the former. Choose from wall-mounted and stand alone form factors as well as large to small ones. Some even have grid lines or images to promote ease of use. Moreover, for more functionality, you may want to invest in some magnets to have a whiteboard double as a bulletin board.