Whitebox Desktop PCs

Custom Whitebox Desktop PCs

A Whitebox Desktop PC is usually custom made by the customer from individually sourced parts for a specific purpose and therefore tends not to be associated with a particular brand. This method of computer production is popular amongst gamers looking for a powerful Gaming PC.

You can choose to customise a desktop however you please to make sure the finished system is fully prepared to carry out the task you have in mind.


With the rise of laptops and smart devices, desktops may seem to have dropped in popularity, but they are still the preferred type of computer for many professionals and home users alike. Whether you opt for a tower desktop or an all-in-one, these computers will often be more powerful than a laptop, with the option of installing more RAM and improving HDD capacity.

When it comes to computers, the newest device can become outdated in the space of a year. With any type of desktop, keeping updated is much easier, as you can simply replace the outdated component, saving the need to get an entirely new computer when yours starts to flag.

This is particularly true when it comes to gaming. The latest games require increasingly more powerful systems, so opting for a specifically designed gaming PC is a wise investment.

If you want to save on space, all-in-one desktops are great as all the components are built into the back of the screen. This type of custom PC may be harder to upgrade than others, but they offer numerous practical benefits.


To get the optimum performance out of desktop computers, a good processor is key. With AMD and Intel being popular brands, there is a huge range of processors with varying powers. With Intel i7s or dual-core processors being particularly favoured your custom machine can be ready for anything. AMD is favoured by the gaming community and feature in a number of custom gaming PCs.