Wholesale Beauty Personal Care Items

There are an infinite amount of beauty and personal care items available for wholesale purchase that can easily round out your arsenal of supplies. 

What Types of Beauty Personal Care Items Are There?

  • Bottles. There are a variety of beauty bottles that sell wholesale. These bottles are either glass or plastic, and include sprayers, squirt bottles, lotion pump bottles or squeeze bottles. 
  • Covers. There are many types of plastic covers including massage bed covers, hair covers such as shower caps, as well as all of your robes and capes for hair. · 
  • Containers. There are many types of cosmetic containers that sell wholesale including cosmetic jars that are either glass or plastic. 

What Types of Beauty Supplies Are Available Wholesale?

  • Makeup. Many brands are available as bulk makeup or as mixed lots.
  • Oils. Oils for your body or hair are easy to find at wholesale.
  • Eyelashes. Not only eyelashes but also eyelash extensions save money when bought at wholesale.
  • Waxes. Waxes ranging in colours, strengths and scents for the body are available.
  • Hair styling products. All products associated with hair including colour treatments, creams, gels, and hair sprays are available for wholesale.