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Wholesale Watches

Wholesale Watches

There may be several reasons why wholesale watches would be of interest to you. If youre a seller, or owner of a retail or jewellery shop, buying watches in wholesale bulk simply makes sense, so youre able to sell them at a price where you actually turn a profit. On the other hand, if youre a watch-wearer or lover of jewellery, if you love a good bargain or deal, watches at a wholesale price allow you to get the brands you want at a fraction of the cost. There are many different types of wholesale watches, both available individually and in bulk.

Mens Watches

Mens watches may be available in a lot, or as an end user, you may want to purchase them individually. Mens watches differ from womens in that the face is larger, as well as the watch band. Straps may be leather or bracelet style, made of silver or titanium. Divers watches for men often have water resistance up to a certain amount of metres. There are also many elegant styles men can wear formally or to the office.

Ladies Options

Similarly to mens watches, ladies watches may be available in a jewellery and watches wholesale lot or available for purchase individually. Many of the watch styles and movements are the same when compared to mens styles. With ladies watches, youll find a lot more bracelet styles, with a rose gold tone, gold tone or silver finish. There are also divers watches and sport watches for women as well.

Buying Wholesale

The number one benefit to buying wholesale is getting a top brand at a lesser price. Many wholesalers themselves buy direct from the company, so its not like the end product is of a lesser quality. Wholesalers simply receive a discount because they buy so many at one time. Its also a fun idea to buy mixed lots of watches and jewellery, to find what youd like to wear and what you want to use for resale.

Popular Brands

There are a myriad of options when it comes to popular watch brands. Notable names for both mens and womens watches include Michael Kors, Seiko, Casio, Everton, Smith & Wesson and Fossil. Most brands have dedicated product lines for both genders.