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Wiccan Products

Wiccan products include paraphernalia such as cauldrons, altar clothes, pentagrams and books as well as spell components such as crystals, herbs, oils and incense. Spells are essentially focused prayer rituals, with specific components and objects being used for their symbolic purposes. While Wiccan and pagan practices in general vary a lot from individual to individual and group to group, common themes and objects do occur. One is an altar, a small table generally covered with an altar cloth, on top of which several symbolic objects are arranged. Those items may include a cauldron, incense holder, herb or flower arrangement, crystals or candles. Rituals are performed with these and other objects, such as an athame, a ritual knife that is never used to cut anything physical, but rather is symbolic.

Wiccan Ritual and Spell Kits

Ritual and spell kits feature both pre-packaged implements and components, usually crystals and herbs, as well as instructions and spell phrases. Some are made to suit generic purposes, such as kits for cleansing a home or bringing good luck. Others are very specific and can focus on personal things like fertility, employment or anxiety. Wiccan ritual and spell kits are well suited to beginners.

Wiccan Jewellery

Like for any faith, symbolism is important in Wicca. Pentagram necklaces and other forms of jewellery are one of the most common pieces of Wiccan and pagan charm. Many different designs can be purchased, often in silver with a circle surrounding the star. Celtic knotwork is a common feature as well. A pentagram for protection will be orientated with a single point up, and symbolises the connectivity of the four elements, with the spiritual fifth being raised above. A downwards pointing pentagram inverts this and is more commonly associated with Satanism due to its emphasis on the physical world and personal gain.

Wiccan Herbs, Candles and Incense

Herbs, candles and incense are often burnt in rituals, releasing their scents and energy, as well as symbolically representing their offering to whatever forces the ritual is invoking. Different herbs and incense perform different functions, such as sage being famously used as a cleanser of negative energy.

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