Wicker Sofas, Armchairs & Couches

Wicker Sofas and Couches

Sometimes contemporary furniture can feel sterile and mass produced. Purchasing a wicker couch or sofa is a great way to inject some personal charm into an outdoor room. Wicker is also fantastic at withstanding the elements.

What Kinds of Wicker Sofas and Couches are Available Online?

There are plenty of different wicker colour options to choose from online. For example, you may like to select a white wicker sofa, black wicker sofa or perhaps a stylish grey option. There are wicker furniture sets that mix colours, such as black and beige. This can be a great way to add visual interest and depth to your outdoor space, while benefiting from an easy to style colour palette. Wicker antique furniture and unbranded rattan outdoor furniture sets are also available.

How Should You Care for Wicker Furniture?

Buying outdoor furniture can be quite the investment and you definitely dont want your new items to lose their lustre. So, be sure to keep in mind a few simple care instructions to help keep your wicker furniture in good knick. First, dry brush your furniture with a soft bristled brush. This type of brush allows you to access the naturally occuring gaps in wicker furniture and loosens dirt. When brushing, move from the tightest weave sections outwards. Afterwards, hose off the furniture, leave it to air dry and wipe it down with a soft cloth. The appropriate cleaning method for any decorative seat cushions will vary, so make sure to check the material type before cleaning them.

What are Some Tips for Styling Rattan Furniture?

Here are some tips to consider when deciding how youd like to style your new rattan furniture:

  • Why not take inspiration from the 70s? There are so many inspiring images online of wicker furniture from this era. Why not browse these and take some cues on possible decorating ideas?
  • If youd prefer a more contemporary decorating aesthetic, wicker furniture can be a savvy choice. Mix and match your wicker couch with varying textures to achieve a modern, eclectic design. For example, metallic decor items add a contemporary edge if youre worried about your outdoor setting looking dated.

Remember, you can easily change up your wicker furniture as the seasons shift through adding transitional accessories, like fur throws, stylish blankets or a sheepskin rug.