Wide Angle Lenses for Sony Cameras

Wide Angle Lenses for Sony Cameras

A wide angle lens is a great tool for a lot of photographers, particularly those interested in landscapes. Sony camera users have a lot of wide angle options to choose from, and come with a lens cap or lens hood.

Which Wide Angle Lenses Will Work With My Sony Camera?

Sony mirrorless cameras use the E-mount, but not all E-mount lenses will work optimally with all Sony cameras. Sony E-mount lenses designed for APS-C format cameras like the A6000 can be used with full frame Sony cameras like the A7RII, but they will automatically crop the image. Older Sony digital cameras typically use Sony A-mount camera lenses instead.

Which Wide Angle Lens Should I Choose?

The right wide-angle lens for you will depend on the kind of photos that you want to take with it.

  • The shorter the focal length, the wider the field of view your lens will give. Lenses from 24 to 35 millimetres are usually called wide lenses, while anything shorter than 24 millimetres is ultra-wide.
  • Wide angle prime lenses have a fixed focal length. Wide angle zoom lenses for Sony cameras give you a range of focal lengths to play with, but they tend to be bigger and have smaller apertures.
  • A larger maximum aperture will let in more light, making the lens perform better in low light.