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Wiha Screwdrivers

German tool company Wiha produces a screwdriver for practically any DIY job. With multiple tip and handle options to choose from as well as convenient sets, there is very little that they can’t handle.


Wiha is a German company that primarily manufactures hand tools including screwdrivers, pliers and measuring tools. It was founded in 1939 in Wuppertal, Germany as Willi Hahn GmbH and Co, and its modern name is taken from Willi Hahn’s initials. Today Wiha has factories all over the world but is still owned and run by the Hahn family.

Wiha Grip Options

Wiha screwdrivers come with various grip materials to suit different users. The simplest types are the Wiha Classic which is made from durable impact-resistant translucent plastic and their wood screwdrivers which have handles made from sealed beech wood. For precise work, the slender handles and rotating caps of the PicoFinish and Precision ESD models help with getting into small spaces. At the larger end, the MicroFinish and SoftFinish handles are comfortable to hold and have a grippy texture for extra security. The MicroFinish handle is designed to remain easy to grip even when wet or oily.

Wiha Screwdriver Blades and Heads

Wiha screwdrivers cover the obvious screw types like slot and Phillips screws but there are also some more exotic options to choose from. Wiha also sells several models of screwdriver with Pozidriv heads and hexagonal tips, as well as various Torx heads including the standard Torx, the enlarged Torx Plus and the extra-secure Torx Tamper Resistant. Wiha screwdrivers also vary in blade shape. With some having round blades while others feature hexagonal blades. Wiha insulated screwdrivers are quite different to their standard models as they have non-conductive shafts and handles for working with electrical equipment safely.

Wiha Screwdriver Sets

Wiha sells screwdrivers individually but many home DIYers find it more convenient to pick up a set of assorted sizes and head shapes. Wiha multi-piece bit set screwdrivers contain a single handle with a variety of interchangeable bits, keeping the overall size and weight of the kit down. Wiha also builds sets of fixed-blade screwdrivers. These often contain a variety of bit types and typically contain either six or twelve screwdrivers of different sizes and shapes.

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