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Wild Republic Stuffed Animals

Who doesn’t love a good stuffed animal? It’s a way to show appreciation for the animal world, cosy up bedrooms for kids and adults alike. Likewise, adults and children can both enjoy collecting stuffed animals as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or when out on holiday. Wild Republic is a company that produces toys, gifts and more in celebration of the natural world. Their range of stuffed animals goes beyond the obvious foxes, tigers, bears, dogs and cats.


Birds make for great stuffed animals, which is why it’s so surprising you don’t see as many of them. Wild Republic produces stuffed versions of all sorts of birds, most commonly parrots and owls because they are lovely looking birds that everyone recognises. They also do flamingos, and that old Australian favourite, the kookaburra. There are dozens more options and species available, and there are even multiple species of owls and parrots.

Dinosaurs and Reptiles

Every kid loves a good dinosaur. Drawn on paper, cast in plastic, made out of wooden bones, or as a stuffed toy. Dinosaurs have exerted their unique gravity on our culture. Dinosaurs were as staggeringly varied as any animal group still around today, and you can find all of the favourites in Wild Republic’s offerings. From gentle Brachiosauruses to vicious Velociraptor and the dreaded Tyrannosaurus rex.

Other Wild Republic Items

Wild Republic doesn’t just make stuffed animals, they also do a range of other toys, gifts, jewellery, and even home decor representing the animals you love. Of particular interest to stuffed animal aficionados are the Wild Republic backpacks, which are essentially stuffed toys with straps and some zips, and minus most of the stuffing. This way your school-going child can bring all their textbooks, pens and erasers, as well as a friends! Besides the backpacks, there are hard toys that display scenes from the natural world, as well as things like animal-themed binoculars and flashlights.