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Wildlife Digital Cameras

Wildlife digital cameras are important tools for biologists and animal conservationists. Wildlife digital cameras can monitor a location and take photos when the camera’s sensors detect movement or sounds. If the Wildlife digital camera connects to the Internet, the camera can send you a copy of the photos along with real-time alerts. You can control modern Wildlife cameras wirelessly and, if the Internet signal is strong enough, you can even stream video footage to your mobile device in real time. Two of the most popular Wildlife digital cameras are the After Dark ScoutGuard and the After Dark Ltl Acorn.

Capture Every Moment

Unlike point-and-shoot cameras, your Wildlife digital camera can constantly survey wide fields of view. Sensitive motion and sound detectors can alert you to signs of wildlife. Depending on your digital camera’s setting, you may need to verify the presence of an animal before the camera begins taking photos or it may be automatically set to burst shoot if the sensors are disturbed.

High-Quality Photography

Wildlife cameras use 8 MP to 30 MP cameras to capture full HD photographs. Wildlife cameras can also use point-and-shoot techniques to capture and transmit 1080P resolution videos. Take advantage of the Zero-Glow IR feature to monitor wildlife during pitch black nights.

Durable and Environment Proofed

Because Wildlife cameras are out in the elements for long periods of time, they maximise durability without compromising on performance standards. With waterproof/shockproof casing and crossover image stabilisation, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your Wildlife camera is always safe from environmental hazards.

Wi-Fi and Carrier Network Compatibility

Wildlife digital cameras are capable of using all the major 3G networks in Australia. If your mobile phone uses the same carrier as your Wildlife camera, you can utilise a wide array of camera functions. Take advantage of the Internet connectivity to wirelessly turn your Wildlife camera on or off, change the camera’s field of view, retrieve real-time photographs or listen to sound transmission. You get two-way communication via SMS commands or by using a compatible iOS or Android application.

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