Willow Tree Figurines

Sometimes when selecting objects for home décor or that special space, you want something personal, a unique hand-crafted piece. Susan Lordi’s sculptural figurines from her Willow Tree collection are just that. You can explore these lovely handmade sculptures at eBay today.

About the collection

Lordi lives on the American prairies in Missouri, and has created a gift line of figurative sculptures that expresses emotional relationships between people. These delightful willow tree figurines are based on human forms, some standing and embracing and others posed in delicate configurations. They demonstrate the artist’s understanding of the body, its movements and emotions. She relies on the body shapes and movements of classical and modern dance and her own understanding of emotions from family relationships and friendships to inform her work. Enjoy the sentiments of her individual pieces, such as ‘Hold dear the promise of love’, or ‘Walk with me and along the way we’ll share everything’, which inspired the Willow Tree figurine My Sister, My Friend. Willow Tree figurines come in a range of sizes.

An artist with heart

Susan Lordi is an experienced multi-skilled artist who has won American and international awards in textile art and design and fibre work. She holds a Masters in Fine Art specialising in textiles. The proceeds of her licensed artwork help bring varying types of art and artists together through her work in cultural, visual and performing arts communities and organisations in Kansas City and other parts of the United States of America.

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