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Wind and woodwind instruments give players the power to transform the simple blowing of air into gorgeous tones and fun, goofy sounds. eBay has some of the best wood and woodwind instruments online, from kazoos and recorders for little kids just learning about musical instruments to tools for high school band students all the way to experienced adult musicians.

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How playing a musical instrument can benefit children

There’s a reason why so many children learn the recorder in school, and it’s not necessarily to set them on the path to a seat in the symphony. 

In addition to opening their minds to one of the most vital art forms in human history, learning to play a musical instrument can help improve childrens’ memories. It can also instil key values, including perseverance and goal setting and accomplishment. And being part of the school band helps children learn about teamwork, as they combine with classmates to create a cohesive band experience.

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