Window Cleaning Brushes

You Can See Clearly Again With Clean Windows

Are your windows hard to see out of? When looking outside, does your view of the bright blue sky fill with large blobs of dirt? It's time to get cleaning. eBay makes this process easier than ever with a full range of window cleaning brushes available to suit all style windows, and all sizes - from small bathroom windows to large glass doors.

What you need for your window cleaning

Obviously, the first thing you need for cleaning your windows is your window cleaning brush, and that's where the products on this page will come in handy. You'll find a huge range of styles and models, from door track cleaning brushes to large cleaning sponges that come with a long handle and even tiny magic window cleaning brushes that fit right into the grooves.

When you're getting ready to clean your windows, make sure you have quality brushes to start with and consider the following tools as well:

  • Squeegees: A squeegee is a cleaning tool with a rubber blade attached to a handle. It's used by cleaners to remove moisture from glass, and because the rubber is flexible, it can absorb all the moisture, leaving the glass dry and streak-free. Squeegees are available in a variety of lengths and sizes, allowing them to be used on both large and small windows.
  • Scrubbers: Scrubbers are also referred to as sleeves. They're cloth cylinders that fit over a squeegee and spread water and cleaning solution across glass. They save space and time and will remove the toughest dirt and grime.
  • Sponges and Towels: Cleaning instruments such as towels and sponges come in handy for removing water and cleaning solution that collects around window panes and is difficult to remove with squeegees. They're also great for cleaning away tough-to-remove filth and stains left behind by bugs and birds.
  • Belts and holsters: If you are after an easy way to keep your cleaning equipment handy while you’re doing your windows at home, or you’re a professional cleaner, belts and holsters will certainly come in handy. Holsters are manufactured to suit any tools, ensuring everything is secure. This makes cleaning high windows safer.

Tips for cleaning your windows

Once you've decided on the right brush for cleaning your windows, grab your bucket, get some dish soap or vinegar, and a small pile of towels or lint free rags. You may also need a ladder, depending on the height of your windows. Then, here's what you need to do:

  1. Make up a solution of around four litres of water combined with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid or vinegar.
  2. First you need to put some elbow grease into it and scrub the glass working from all angles and make sure you get into all the edges and corners. You want to cover every inch of the glass and can do so horizontally or vertically.
  3. Next, get your squeegee and start in the top corner of the glass, working horizontally from side to side and removing any excess water from the squeegee each time you reach the edge. Press the blade firmly to ensure you get any excess soap or water, and then wipe the blade on your lint free rag.
  4. Work your way down the window, ensuring you remove any remaining water.
  5. Once you hit the bottom it's time to get your lint free rag and start wiping around the corners of the window. When you get to the bottom, run the rag along the perimeter of the window before checking for any streaks you may have missed during the process.

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