Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds are a must for any home. They not only provide privacy and light reduction, but they add also an element of design in a room. Curtains break up the monotony of a wall with their elegant folds and vibrant detail. Blinds often look much simpler and prioritise function over design, making them perfect for utilitarian areas in the house like basements, kitchens, and garages.


When choosing a curtain, consider the amount of light you wish to filter out, the measurements of the window concerned, the material, and the style. For home cinemas and bedrooms, opt for thicker drapes to keep as much light out as possible, while living room curtains are best when thinner to let more natural light inside. You can keep it simple with blackout window curtains, but you can also match your decor with patterned curtains.


Blinds come in vertical, horizontal, and solid sunscreen variations. The first two use a pulley mechanism to either pull the blinds up or to the sides, while solid blinds use rollers to lengthen or shorten the light screening. There are also textured blinds, which use linen material to block light. Some models simply dim the window, allowing you to see outside while maintaining your privacy inside.

Material and Accessories

The material is the biggest factor in choosing window blinds or curtains because it determines how much light they filter. For instance, Bamboo curtains proficiently block light coming from a window or doorway and add a natural touch to any home. If you already have a good curtain set-up, consider sprucing them up with curtain and blind accessories like matching tiebacks, hooks, sturdier rods, or elaborate finials. Vertical blinds often become damaged when some of the material chips off because of pulling. You can easily fix these with repair hangers that attach to the mounting points and restore the quality of the slat.