Window Plantation Shutters

Roller shutters don't just keep your house and garage secure, they can add privacy to your home and protection from the sun. At eBay, you can purchase roller shutters and roller shutter parts for your windows, doors, and garage to ensure total home safety.

Custom made or pre-fabricated?

You are able to get roller shutters that are custom made for your property. However, if you're purchasing on eBay you will be buying prefabricated shutters that are made to fit standardised openings. Pre-fabricated roller shutters are a great option if your doors and windows are of usual size. If your house has been specially designed, you may need to order custom made shutters.

What Type?

There are three different types of roller shutters and these include solar, remote and manual. Solar roller shutters are automated and the opening mechanism is powered by the sun. Remote roller shutters are opened by a hand-held remote which can be helpful if you want a hassle-free approach to opening your shutters. Manual shutters are opened and closed by hand. Some people prefer manual opening if they only have one or two rollers in their home, on their garage door for example. If you have a lot of shutters on your property manual opening may become time consuming.


Depending on the type of shutter you purchase, installation can be tricky. If you do not feel comfortable installing these yourself, it is best to get the help of a professional. Check with the seller to make sure that a mounting kit is included.

At eBay, we don't just sell roller shutters. We also sell the roller shutter parts needed to ensure your shutters are working perfectly every single time. This includes replacement batteries, controllers, shutter motors and roller shutter straps.

Protect your home today, possessions and family today with a set of roller shutters from eBay.