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Windows 10 Tablets

Windows 10 Tablets

Windows 10 Tablets are a great choice for those that want access to apps, web browsing and their emails whilst on the move. Windows 10 is the latest Windows operating system which makes for a user friendly experience. Windows tablets such as the Microsoft Surface have many benefits over the traditional laptop with the main ones being the space saving design, great battery life and portability. There is a wide range of Windows 10 tablets and eBook readers from many different brands to select from, all of which offer different features and capabilities at various price points.

Screen Size

As a tablet is designed to be portable, you need to consider whether you want a small screen or a large screen. Generally, tablet screens start at around 4.7 inches and they go up to around 13.5 inches. The larger screen sizes are more suited to professionals such as graphic artists, who will benefit from the greater screen real estate as well as the ability to write on the screen using a stylus. Smaller screens are ideal for those that plan to use their tablet to read books, emails and basic web browsing as they are easy to hold and almost equivalent to the size of a book page.

Processor and Ram

You should consider what you plan to do with your Windows 10 Tablet. Basic tablets are available at a lower price point, however they usually feature a low resolution screen, basic processing units and less random access memory (RAM). They will be suitable for basic usage such as web browsing and emails, but a higher end tablet will likely provide a more comfortable and faster experience. Premium tablets usually come with high resolution screens, a minimum of 4GB RAM and either and i5 or i7 processor. These factors mean you will enjoy sharper text and greater detail in the content you are viewing, as well as a quicker experience when browsing and switching between different apps. The Microsoft Surface range of tablets are an excellent choice for those that want a premium level experience or will be using the device for professional work purposes, as they feature high end technology.


Most tablets come equipped with flash storage, and some even have an expandable storage slot where you can add an additional SD card if necessary. Premium tablets will have an SSD drive, which allows for fast read and write speeds and quicker loading times. Basic users may only require about 32GB-64GB of space, which is plenty for carrying around a music library and photos, particularly if you take advantage of cloud storage. If you are a graphic designer or have a large video/music library, then you should look at a storage capacity above 128GB. The maximum storage capacity available on most Windows 10 Tablets is 512GB.

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