Windsurfing Boards

Windsurfing Boards

A combination of a special surfboard and a sail, windsurfing boards are used by the rider to sail over an ocean or lake while standing up on the board and using the wind to propel them forward or turn. Windsurfing boards can be challenging, so it is vital to consider the board’s volume and width, and the type of the board before making your purchase. There are dozens of reasons for purchasing a windsurfing board. If you are looking to get more involved in water sports, then a windsurfing board is a great place to start. Instead you might be looking to get involved in surfing despite living in an area with no good surfing locations. Whatever the reason, windsurfing provides a thrill few other sports can.

Windsurfing Board Volume and Width

An important thing to consider when purchasing a windsurfing board is its volume and width. Ideally for volume you want one litre of volume for every kilogramme you weigh, plus around 50 to 75 extra. With more volume, the more stable the board will be, though this can make it tougher to control at higher speeds. In addition, consider the width of the board; a wider board means more stability, but too wide might mean you are looking at formula style boards which are for a specific type of competing. Finally, larger windsurfing sails can generate more speed but are harder to control.

Windsurfing Board Type

There are quite a few different types of windsurfing boards available that depend on your experience in windsurfing and what type of riding you will be doing. If you have the strength and experience to keep a large board under control, you might be interested in formula boards with their large dimensions and sails. You might consider a freeride windsurfing board if you are at an intermediate stage and are trying to move up to more advanced manoeuvers. Other types of boards include Bump and Jump, Wave Boards, and freestyle boards.

Other Surfing Equipment

In addition to windsurfing boards, you will find selections of other surfing equipment on eBay. A windsurfing kit can put together everything including the board, sail and accessories for you. Wetsuits are popular for keeping your body warm so you can windsurf in all conditions. Check out the wide selection of other windsurfing equipment so you can get out windsurfing soon.