Getting Started in Windsurfing

Thinking of taking up windsurfing? With so much awesome coastline, and so many gorgeous lakes and waterways, Australia is the perfect place to get into windsurfing. But, what’s the best way to get started? Like many sports, there is an easy way and a hard way to get into windsurfing. The hard way involves buying a board and sail, and hoping for the best. The easy way involves investing in lessons, and learning on a training board with a training sail.

For those who are proficient at windsurfing, having a smaller, more manoeuvrable board with a larger sail is usually best. But for learners, this set-up can be extremely hard to get to grips with. By taking lessons and using a much larger board and much smaller sail, beginners can learn how to handle the sail, without having to worry about board control. As the lessons progress, the board used will get smaller and smaller, while the sail gets bigger and bigger. In no time at all, the newbie becomes a pro – planing over the water, and skipping over waves. At that point, it’s time to invest in some essential equipment and windsurfing gear.

Buying Windsurfing Sails

Some sports require an investment in certain equipment, and unfortunately, that equipment doesn’t always come cheap. When it comes to windsurfing, it’s usually a good idea to have a board and a couple of windsurfing sails, a wetsuit for cold conditions, and various other windsurfing accessories. After getting to grips with a learner board and sails, it’s time to buy a board and sails from a trusted brand. Which is where eBay comes in. Home to a range of surfing accessories, eBay is the place to find everything from windsurfing sails and wakeboard bindings, to kitesurfing harnesses and kitesurfing kites. Check out all the big brands in a range of new and used options – and get out there to enjoy those waves!