Keep Your Wine Glasses In Pristine Condition With A Wine Glass Rack

A wine glass rack is designed to store your wine glasses so that they’re not touching each other and helps protect them from chips and cracks. It also means that they’re close at hand when you really need a drink after a hard day at work.

What are the benefits of using wine glass racks?

Wine glass racks don’t just look good in the kitchen. They have specific benefits too.

  • A wine glass rack stores your wine glasses upside down to prevent them from gathering dust inside the cupped part of the glass. This means you don’t have to rinse out the glass before you use it.
  • Wine glasses are stored so that they’re not touching each other. This means that there’s less likelihood of the glasses getting chipped or cracked.
  • Expensive lead crystal wine glasses should never be stored upside down in a cupboard because they often have delicate rims that are easily damaged when the constant weight of the glass is on them. These glasses really should be stored in a proper wine glass rack.

What are the different types of wine glass racks?

Wine glass racks are either made from stainless steel, metal, glass or wood.

Most wine glass racks are designed for under-cupboard storage as this keeps them out of the way and means there’s less likelihood of the glasses being knocked.

Some models need to be screwed onto the base of a cupboard while others are designed with a bracket that slides over an overhead shelf. There are even racks that can be mounted onto the wall under an overhead cupboard.

For special occasions, you can also get a wine glass rack that holds both a bottle of wine and two glasses. These are designed to sit on a table, a bookshelf or even on the mantle above your fireplace. These racks are ideal as a gift for any wine lover on your list.