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Wire strippers and cutters

Wire strippers or cutters are designed to provide maximum performance and efficiency, with minimum harm caused to the cable cores. On eBay you will find a variety of high quality wire and cable tools that you can use to accurately cut like a professional.

Automatic & multi-functional

Multi-purpose wire strippers/cutters can crimp insulated and non-insulated terminals with ease. To use the automatic tool requires minimal effort. Simply squeeze the handle once to peel down the wire sheath. The hardwearing cutter is suitable for cutting copper and aluminium wire. You can control the stripping length via the adjustment screw.

Rotary wire strippers/cutters

Pocket sized wire strippers/cutters are neat hand tools that strip the outer jackets of coaxial cables. The compact and lightweight ergonomic design tool features fully adjustable blades that handle 4, 6, 8 and 12 mm of cable length. To use, lock the tool over the cable and spin it clockwise. The unwanted portion can then be pulled off.

Larger sized coaxial wire strippers/cutters tackle flat and round cable. The easy to operate tool has an adjustable stripping blade for different types of insulation thicknesses and minimises damage to shielding and conductors. The cassette is reversible – RG 59/6 on one side and RG 7/11 of the other.

Other wire strippers/cutters

The 400 pc terminal tool kit features a 5-in-1 wire stripper/cutter and 399 insulated electrical terminals inside a practical compartment divided plastic box.

Small, compact and less pricey than other wire strippers/cutters is the 2 pc plastic cable cutter stripper. The easy to use punch down tool is designed for use on modular connectors, and is suitable for CAT-5, CAT-5e and CAT-6 data cable.

Solar power projects require the assistance of the correct tools. The professional set of adjustable wire cutters and strippers includes special crimping pliers with MC4 solar connectors, and malfunction wire strippers. A wrench is also included inside the handy zip up storage bag.

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