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Wire Stripping Machines

Wire Stripping Machines

If you work in construction, electrical trade, manufacturing or agriculture, there’s a good chance that, at some point, you will need to use a wire stripping machine. The machining precision and configuration options of industrial wire cable tools always depend on the type of machine you choose. The most common types of wire stripper machines are manual machines and industrial-grade multi-function wire stripping and recycling machines. Whether you’re stripping wire coils in the automotive industry or stripping complex cable constructions in the communications industry, wire stripper machines have a wide array of advantageous capabilities, and you can even customise them to better suit your job’s requirements.

Customised Precision

Simple wire strippers are similar to DC industrial wire cable tools and use electronic rotary mechanisms to unravel tight coils of wire. More complicated wire stripper machines can strip industrial wires by using magnets, coil winding processes, scriber lasers and ablation features to unwind and unbind insulated wires and cabling constructions. Take advantage of the highly configurable design of wire strippers and customise your machines to your required level of precision. You can also use the precise laser functions to cut metal shielding and de-bond conductor and insulator connections.


Whether you’re dealing with industrial wire or simple insulating coils, the versatility of wire stripper machines means that you can quickly and efficiently process and strip fine wires without damaging the wiring or insulating materials. Industrial grade wire stripper machines use linear and rapid scanning laser systems to process differently sized wires, with diameter ranging from 18 gauge to 500 mcm.

Durable and Reliable

Wire stripper machines are for industrial applications and can withstand intense handling for long periods of time. With ‘long life’ power adaptors and stainless steel feeder drives, you can rest easy knowing that your wire stripper machine won’t failure mid-operation.

Safe and Easy Operation

You can use speed controls and protective operation stations to safely control wire strippers during and after operation. Take advantage of the easy-to-use controls and quickly cycle between different stripping configuration for multi-function jobs.

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