Bluetooth GPS

Bluetooth and other wireless connections for any device is typically enabled to increase mobility. Automotive GPS units with Bluetooth allow hands-free driving and give you the ability to instruct the GPS device by speaking through your phone once they are both paired. Handheld GPS units offer the same mobility, but are generally used outdoors.

Bluetooth GPS Devices and Mobile Phones

How your device works depends on the type of Bluetooth GPS you choose as well as the type of wireless device you plan to pair it with. With some GPS and mobile phone connections, calls can still be made from the mobile phone even when the GPS is connected, however, if a call is in progress, the phone may briefly switch to the GPS to receive incoming voice instructions then immediately go back to the call. Some GPS systems will even receive and display your text messages, but that is a feature you can choose to disable.

Wireless GPS Compatibility

As with all wireless devices, you have to ensure that your GPS is compatible with whatever other device you intend to pair it with. Most car and handheld outdoor GPS units with Bluetooth are compatible with Android and Apple devices. However, you still need to check if the individual phone models are still being supported as technology evolves constantly. Some GPS brands offers an online support system where you can search through a compatibility database to see which GPS models are compatible with specific mobile devices.

Using a GPS as a Tracker

Some wireless GPS devices are more geared towards locating an item. These GPS devices often include smaller pieces to attach to your keys, wallets, remote and anything else you often misplace. A sound signal is used via an app to locate these devices if they are in Bluetooth range, but if the items are not close by, then a network navigation is done with the GPS to locate them.

Pairing your Bluetooth Device

The Bluetooth connection between two devices is called pairing. If you are connecting your Bluetooth GPS to your mobile phone, they need to be paired before they can communicate with each other. In some instances, you can start the process from the setup menu of one device and it will simply search for the other device and automatically connect once you confirm the device. In other instances, you will have to enter the setup menu of the GPS unit as well as the mobile device and follow more intricate instructions provided with the GPS unit.