Wireless Network Cards

Accessing the Internet via wireless network cards

Need to add wireless capabilities to your desktop computer or laptop? Browse eBay to find the right wireless network card or any other type of computer interface card for the task.

What can a wireless network card do?

Different wireless network cards are designed for different devices. These adaptor cards can be installed or easily inserted into a computer side slot in order to recognise WiFi hotspots via routers or access points and connect your device to the Internet. A quality dual band wireless card, for example, has the power to significantly enhance your connected experience whether youre at home, at work or out living your life.

You will therefore be able to enjoy the speed of broadband and the wide coverage of 3G and 4G networks all over the place. That means online gaming, HD video streaming, remote email access, web browsing and more.

Leading wireless network card brands

You can select from a huge range of wireless Internet cards developed by leading brands such as Intel, HP, Dell and TP-LINK. For example, one wireless network card might be compatible with an Apple MacBook Air, while a HP wireless network card could be compatible with select HP notebooks. If youre not experienced with IT and DIY networking, make sure you do plenty of research before buying a card and attempting to upgrade from wired to wireless Internet.

Key features

In making your choice, read up on wireless features like the wireless standards, frequency, signal rate, reception sensitivity, wireless modes, wireless security and modulation technology. You may also want to be aware of hardware features like the interface, dimensions, antenna type and antenna gain.