Wireless Printers

Wireless Printers

Long gone are the days when you had to hook large cables between your computer and the printer. Wireless printers are becoming commonplace in offices, schools, and homes and with a good reason. With more flexibility, you can save time and enjoy printing from multiple devices, including mobile phones. When choosing a wireless printer, you do need to consider some of the same aspects that you would with a wired printer, such as the printer type, number of colours, and some other features.

Inkjet or Laser

Inkjet printers stand out for their rich, detailed graphics and can print onto many types of paper, such as envelopes, scrapbook paper, and labels. If quality is your uttermost concern, the inkjet might be the solution, while this also means spending more money on the ink and slower printing speeds. Laser printers, on the other hand, produce lots of printouts with a greater speed and a low cost per page, as the toner does not cost a fortune. Moreover, the toner on the paper is already dry and does not smudge like ink would.

Colour or Monotone

Inkjet inks and laser printer toners can be either black only or feature multiple colours. The printer model already determines which toners or inks you can use, so read the specifications carefully as you cannot change it later. When considering colour printers, find out whether they accept one colour or only tri-colour cartridges. In the case of the latter, you would need to replace the whole cartridge even when only one of the tones runs out.


Some wireless printers could provide you with even more than just your standard printing capabilities. For instance, wireless computer printers with scanners are very popular for students and in home offices. In terms of features, you also need to consider which kind of paper you normally use and decide if you only require a printer that can handle the usual A4, or also smaller or bigger formats. If you are looking to save some paper, opt for wireless duplex computer printers, which means printing on both sides of the paper. Printer speed may also be important for you, so look for the specification indicating how many pages per minute the printer can produce. For a photo printer, look for information on images per minute.

Wireless Connectivity Options

There is more than one way to connect your printer wirelessly with other devices, and you should consider what you plan to connect with your printer. Many printers have their own mobile apps, allowing you to send the printing command even when you are far away. Printers could also use Bluetooth or NFC, which requires touching the mobile device against the printer.

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