Choosing the Right Witchery Dress for You

Choosing the right dress is not only about the right size, print and colour. To find that truly ‘fantastic’ dress, you need to know your body type so you can find the dress that accentuates your assets.

Witchery has a wide collection of women’s dresses for all occasions, but do you know which one will best suit your body type? Here are some tips to help you choose wisely.

  • Hourglass: This body shape means that your bust area and hips create a balanced proportion. You have a narrow or well-defined waist and a curvy bottom. The key here is to find a dress that highlights your waist. You’ll want wrap dresses that cinch at the midsection. V necks and sweetheart necklines are your best bets. A-line and body-hugging dresses will also look good on you.
  • Apple: You have an apple-shaped body if your upper body is heavier than the lower part. You may have broad shoulders, narrow hips, lean legs and small bottom. Your bust line may be big and you’re likely to have more weight around the midsection. A V neck dress with A-line or empire cut will work well to highlight your assets. Flowy tops or long-sleeved dresses in darker hues can help you achieve that balance.
  • Pear: You may have a pear silhouette if you have fuller thighs and bottom. You may also have narrow shoulders and waist. A-line or tulip-bottom dresses and skirts will help you create proportion. Keep the frills to the top half and if possible, opt for a darker shade for the bottom. Remember to choose a dress that emphasizes your narrow waist.
  • Rectangle: If you’re not as curvy, your waists are not as well-defined and you have a small to average bust size, then you probably have a rectangular silhouette. Try sleeveless and shorter dresses to create definition as well as full skirts with layers and frills for dimension. Dresses with collars and ruffles can also help complement the bust area.

Browse through eBay’s Witchery dresses collection to find an outfit that matches your body type.