Women's Activewear Jackets

Warm Up in Women's Activewear Jackets

Exercise is great and all, but it can also get downright chilly when the weather cools down. Shrugging on a jumper or cardigan can seem a simple solution, but these often aren't very comfortable during vigorous exercise, and they can gather sweat and turn smelly quite easily.

Instead, have a look through the range of athletic jackets on eBay to find garments that will protect you from cold, windy, or wet weather while wicking moisture away and helping you to keep a consistent body temperature – neither too hot nor too cold.

Pink women's activewear jackets for visibility

A light pink activewear jacket can work well in making you visible in dark or rainy conditions, decreasing the chances of collisions. It also suits a range of skin tones, with shades from dusky pink to pastels. Pick one with reflector tape sewn into the back and front if you expect to be crossing or moving parallel to the road, especially at night. This is particularly useful for runners and cyclists who are often travelling on the side of the road.

Black for stain-free fun

If you're involved in outdoor team sports or boot camps, you'll know that exercise can sometimes get pretty messy. Picking up a black activewear jacket can give you warmth and protection – and save you from worrying about how you'll get grass and mud stains out. Being largely stain-resistant isn't the only advantage that black clothing offers, though – the colour also tends to absorb more heat than lighter colours. Ideal for cold days!

Multicoloured to add some joy

Sometimes exercise can feel more of a duty than recreation. For that sort of day – or month! – a bright and cheerful jacket might just be the extra incentive you need to get up and moving. Whether you go for rainbows, abstract patterns, or colourful stripes, you're bound to find a windbreaker or hoodie to suit your sense of style here on eBay.