Women's Belts

Womens Belts

No matter how complete you think your wardrobe might be, chances are you will definitely need womens belts at some point or another. Whether you use a belt to add an extra touch of style to help tie your look together, or to help achieve the perfect fit for your trousers or skirt, belts have a number of stylish uses. You simply need to decide which material, colour, print and width would best suit your wardrobe.

Womens Belts by Material

Womens belts come in a number of different materials. Each material will have its own degree of quality and appearance. For example, womens leather belts are often of a higher quality and can last years if well taken care of. Leather belts often have a metallic buckle as well, which can vary in colour. There are also cotton and canvas belts which often pair well with more summery, warm-weather outfits. There are even belts made out of chain and other types of metals which can add a fun flash to your look.

Womens Belts by Colour and Print

Like the rest of your wardrobe, womens belts come in just about every colour and print imaginable as well. Many people prefer to keep their belts of a neutral colour or print so that the belt is able to match with as many other pieces in your wardrobe as possible. However, if you would rather utilise your belt to accent your outfit, fun colours and prints are completely available as well. Animal print, camo, geometric and vibrant colours are all options to choose from.

Womens Belts by Width

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new womens belt is what the appropriate width should be. Width typically ranges from skinny to medium to wide. Womens skinny belts are your best bet in terms of ensuring that the belt with fit in your trouser or skirts belt loops. However, skinny belts can also be worn freely to create shape for a dress, for example. Medium belts are the most classic width, and typically fit in most belt loops. Wide belts are almost exclusively used to accent a look, as they can serve as an eye-catching accessory.

Other Womens Accessories

Once the perfect womens belts are in your wardrobe, there are a number of other womens accessories you can shop for to easily complement your new belts. Scarves and wraps make for other great stylish yet functional accessories. Hats are beloved by all as well, along with other types of hair accessories. You might even consider matching your belt to a new purse or handbag to create a cohesive look.

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