Women's Boleros/Shrugs

Keep warm on your night out with a bolero

If you’re after a look that’s a little different this season, check out the full range of boleros on eBay today. A bolero is a short open fronted jacket that stops at the waist and has no collar. It’s designed to be worn with dresses and skirts as a cover up to keep out the chills when you’re going out in the evening. And best of all, you’ll find plenty of variety online.

How did the bolero get its name?

You may or may not know that bolero is also the name of a popular Latin dance and music that originated in Spain. The bolero garment also originated in Spain sometime around the 19th century. It’s believed that the bolero was inspired by Spanish toreadors who often wore a similar garment when bull fighting.

Styles to choose from

A bolero can have either long or short sleeves and it is ideal for wearing over an evening dress. But they don’t have to be saved for special outings at night. They’re also a great fashion item to wear during the day as well.

Boleros are especially useful in spring and autumn. The days might be nice and warm and you can wear a sleeveless top or dress. But, if you stay out into the late afternoon, it might start to get a little cooler.

This is when a bolero is particularly useful. No bulky jumpers taking up your bag. You can easily slip on your bolero over your top or dress and keep the chill off your shoulders and back. Most boleros are fairly lightweight, so they offer a little warmth but they’re not bulky.

Aside from being ideal to pair with dresses and skirts, boleros also look fabulous when worn with jeans and a crop top. Another popular chocie is to wear your bolero over a longer line top. This adds an additional element of style.

You’ll find boleros are available in many different fabrics including leather, wool and cotton. Some may also be elaborately embellished with feathers, faux fur, tassels and metal studs.

This makes it easy to find just the right bolero to team with your favourite outfit or evening dress. Start shopping on eBay today.